Stack. Thwack.

Simple, stackable, multi-sampled percussion modules
using de/re/constructed junk from the consumer economy.

All audio demos are essentially "naked", using only subtle external reverb and/or delay, and minimal mastering.


Custom-constructed drums and percussion instruments for Kontakt 6, deep-sampled in stereo: one-of-a-kind shakers, rattles, and drums sourced from tubs, tubes, buckets, cans, jars, pots, springs, strings, sticks, bamboo, chains, marbles, pebbles, and junk. 6 round-robin samples for each articulation capture the full noise and clatter of every instrument and adjustable tempo-aware humanization lets you dial in timing, brightness, volume, and pitch from "just a bit" to "is this even music?" And making custom ensembles is cake: each module can be shifted up to 4 octaves for split multis.

For music producers, film score composers, sound designers, and songwriters, this is an essential collection of gloriously noisy instruments designed to add dirt and energy—played solo, stacked together, split, or layered on top of your favorite drums and percussion.

Free download: MIDI patterns for the percMOD instruments.

*Owners of Klüsterkitt or Klüsterjunkk get 50% off. Shoot me an email.

*percMOD requires the full version of Kontakt 6 or higher (the instruments cannot be used in the free Kontakt Player).